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Rebellious Vortigaunts.

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Rebellious Vortigaunts. Empty Rebellious Vortigaunts.

Post  Zoot on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:40 am

Here are our guidelines as Vorts, and our "Laws" so to say.
Xai' Solem is the Vortigaunt leader, his word, and law is say, he only does it for the best, you may decline it but there will be consequences.

1. Always obey Xai' Solem
2. Rebel Citizens are key to our future, protect them.
3. Listen to Rebellious Citizens, there order is mine.
4. Help a fallen comrade in battle, or if they decide to wander off stop them.
5. Never leave the slums.
6. Citizens that come into the slums, try and turn them with us, but be careful.
7. Combine Vortigaunts that fall into the Slums, are doomed, do not interact with them, they'll die eventually.
8. Jeopardizing any rebellious act or thing will cause in being handed to the combine.

Disobeying Vortigaunts Law punishments.

Breaking laws: 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Extra cautious towards, and watched extra carefully. depending on Seriousness

Breaking laws: 5, 6, 7.

Sent out of slums, to never return. (Kicked from Rebels)
Depending on Seriousness.

Breaking Law 8.

Handed over to the combine by a human, no damn will be given.

From my understanding, Vortigaunts don't normally go out and actually fight. They stay with the groups of rebels, or alone in cases, and for the most part tend to the sick, injured, or citizens.

Vortigaunts are the expert Medics in any war, and if an event were to come, Vorts wouldn't rush out onto the field, they would stay back and tend to the injured after, or maybe in extreme cases, during the war on the sideline.

Do not join this if you want to fight or do some extreme Rping thats not what Vorts do, they hide for the most part, and do not go running out. While this will happen occasiually It will not happen much at all. Go join the rebels if you wish to fight.


And on a side note.


My reasoning for this, is because it takes lots of RP exp, to actually even know how to RP correctly. And I mean on any server you join, theres maybe one, two, sometimes three at max. And thats total, not even on. I'm not that harsh, but You'll never see vortigaunts and if you did, its rare. So don't go looking for them.

Last note. This is to anyone and everyone, If you see an Vort out of slums, or just wandering slums, (THATS REBEL You can tell by the collar they dont wear) Please, Please tell me. It will not be meta, as I will do nothing about it at first but I will take extreme care in watching and debating on what to do with the person in question.

~Foxtrot~ Roll out.

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