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Combine Vortigaunts

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Combine Vortigaunts Empty Combine Vortigaunts

Post  Zoot on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:21 am

Combine Vortigaunts, are one of the lowest life forms in the galaxy, or so the combine think.
As a combine you should follow these rules:

You respect everything, and everyone.
You are the lowest life form, don't talk back.
You have "Bad Langauge" You can't speak well.
Most importantly, you aren't special, you wear a collar you can't do shit.
You take orders from anyone but citizens.
Never try to run away, you will be killed!

Also, the citizens, they promise good land in the slums, its a trap. The CP will find you, and you will die.

~Foxtrot~ Roll out.

Go Warez!

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