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Vortigaunts Positions

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Vortigaunts Positions Empty Vortigaunts Positions

Post  Zoot on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:33 am

Vortigaunt Rebellious Leader
Xai' Solem
Has' Malak

Rebellious Vortigaunts

"Respected" Combine Vortigaunts

Combine Vortigaunts

Xai Solem
Has' Malak

Definitions of "Respected Combines" Vortigaunts that have been with the Combine for (Years) Weeks, and deserve a "promotion" Considering that most combines hate vortigaunts, and humans in general, this is extremely hard to get, and will probally not ever get it. They will never be respected by higher officials or OTA, so don't ever expect that, and they still must abide by all laws, and everything.

Rebellious Vorts, are Medical Humans. They stay back and use there (Green power lost word) And heal the people. They serve humans in a way and thats why they don't fight.

A special group of vorts, known as ACVE Anti Combine Vortigaunt Experts

Still not a "fighting type" Like I know all you want..... But these ones are special in a way, that they are more "Magical" persay, as they can use *Teleportation, and *Telekenesis. These abilitys are obviously a minimum and there specifications will be posted below. You must know how to RP Extremely well, and be hand picked by Me with travis's permission. They more breach, still hidden if not even more hidden, as the Combine do not know of this group, for it is secreted so well. They hide in with any other vortigaunt/rebel group, and will kill themselves if they sercome to any combine interaction, as it would jeoperdize the whole entire group. This group is mainly focused on planning, and breaching into unaccessable places, like a rocked up place, or a door. This can be abusive, but know that a Perma/7/3 Day ban will be in order if not used correctly.

Rules: 1(Teleportation) It is ONLY used for escape, it will not be to go around a door, or just fly around the streets. And cannot be used if a Combine is in the same room as you. If you were to hear a combine, outside, or close that would be the best time to get the fuck outta there.

2. Telekenesis used only on objects in the way, or to per say slow someone down (Combine but they would more then likely shoot you) And would be an unacceptable type of rp unless the combine were to falling into a trap and die. As that would then jeoperdize the group. It's more used to move or get obstacles out of the way.

[EniRP-S]Travis: Erm.
[EniRP-S]Travis: Accepted, but they have to be extremely and I do mean, extremely well.
[KT:RP] Zoot: Sooo.
[KT:RP] Zoot: May I be part of the group?
[KT:RP] Zoot: LOL
[KT:RP] Zoot: And I also stated that abuse of this group will lead to perma/7 Day ban
[KT:RP] Zoot: So its not to be taken lightly
[EniRP-S]Travis: If they abuse.
[EniRP-S]Travis: its char is peremd.
[EniRP-S]Travis: and they wont get any other whitelist.
[KT:RP] Zoot: Alright Ill change it

I quote. Do NOT Abuse this group. (ACVE) And to even make sure that you will not abuse, do not ask to join it, unless you actually think you have a chance. And asking lowers it, but I will hand pick (With Halfrandoms help) If we think your worthy

Another "Group" [Unconfirmed]
This one is basicly a new model, and some new "Powers" if you would say. Nothing to special but
RVM Rebellion Vortigaunt Medics.
You get a new model (Medic Model) And basicly your 100% at base, you talk to others, you chitchat, and after a brutal beating/war, you can use extreme medication! Boring right? Writing this at 2:10AM Not very good. Will update later.

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Vortigaunts Positions Empty Re: Vortigaunts Positions

Post  Halfrandom on Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:21 am

For the record, I thought of these 'powers'


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