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Violations and their verdicts

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Violations and their verdicts Empty Violations and their verdicts

Post  Jotex on Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:07 am

Level 1 Violation harmless, but uncivilised behaviour
-Running (with bad reason. Running from danger is fine. Running to get around quickly is not allowed)
-Jumping (with bad reason. Jumping onto things is fine as long as it isn't stupid. Bunnyhopping in the street is not allowed)
-Uncivilised behaviour (like collapsing in the street without reason)
-Wasting police time (like asking useless questions)

Verdict - 1 Points and on-site re-education.

Level 2 Violation Harmful behaviour between citizens and minor malcompliance
-3x Level 1 violations
-Tampering with unconscious (living or dead) bodies,
-Low level contraband possession
-Minor combine disrespect (like not moving along on the streets when told to)
-Failure to report a crime

Verdict - 3 points added and 10 minutes jailtime with a re-education

Level 3 Violation More extreme harmful behaviour between citizens and major malcompliance
-Failure to apply (including identity theft and lying)
-Resisting arrest/questioning
-Major combine disrespect (like directly abusing the combine)
-Disrespecting a lockdown (but they must be intentionally avoiding the lockdown)
-Trespassing on private property
-Major contraband possession
-Stealing money

Verdict - 3 points and 20 minutes jailtime with re-education

Level 4 Violation Severe threats to the city
-Illegal UPA (Unauthorised Procreative Activity - sexrp!)
-Potentially lethal contraband possession
-Conspiring rebel activity (but without physical evidence)
-Mental Imperfection
-Attempted policide
-Combine vandalism (including scanners and destroying doors etc)

Verdict - 12 points and jail til a JURY unit is available to conduct a trial

Level 5 Violation Rebel activity
-Lethal contraband possession
-Rebel uniform possession
-Hostaging (Note: this is different from locking criminals in their house and calling the MPF, which is allowed!)

Verdict - 12 points and jail til a JURY unit is available to amputate without trial


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