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Lets get 70$!

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Lets get 70$! Empty Lets get 70$!

Post  Zoot on Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:00 pm

Wanna help the server? Got some extra cash? Donate! Xenon takes donations directly to the servers, making it 10X easier to pay for them, there is a 10$ minimum, but pay oh lets 20$ and you'll get some benefits!

1. P.E.T, Blackmarket and Lightmarket flags.
This is a one time deal, starting March 15Th They have to be bought separately, so get em while its hot!

1. We have the rights to take these flags away at any moment.
2. Cancel your payment we take flags.
3. Put your SteamId and Username in for the payments, and then PM Me Zoot what you payed as, and I will add you these flags.
4. Minimum 1 - 1Week will be taken for flags, until we go into server and manually add the flags.

~Foxtrot~ Roll out.

Go Warez!

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