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Reasoning of Hl2rp

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Reasoning of Hl2rp Empty Reasoning of Hl2rp

Post  Zoot on Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:36 pm

Reasoning for the split of Hl2RP Is a few reasons. Most of which Are mine, but mainly Travis's

First off, Travis and I thought that Knuckles couldn't get two servers, so me and Travis began to plan a new community.

Then, I got this crazy idea, and I don't know where I got it (sarcasm) But.... Providers. Providers are 10X better, give us a MySQL and it would have taken a month or more to get an MySQL without a provider. (Coming from our DEV team)
And I also have money, So I thought, why not get it up today, at least buy it so we can put it on sandbox tell the DEV team completes the Hl2Rp.

This is why I am now the Co-Owner of the new NSG Nuclear Surged Gaming. Travis still takes full ownership, I just get control over the server for the first three months, where I will transfer it to him. (And to answer your question, I do get to keep Co-Owner status, just not much control over actual Server provider, like money name pass, shit like that.)

Thank you for your time


~Foxtrot~ Roll out.

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