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What is FailRP

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What is FailRP Empty What is FailRP

Post  Halfrandom on Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:51 pm

This guide will tell you:
What is FailRP
How not to FailRP
How to tell when someone FailRPs

FailRP is itself really, Fail Roleplay. It
can come in many different concepts like:
Not roleplaying correctly
Acting mingy
Not FearRPing

Anythink that ruins roleplay or disrupts it is FailRP

Anyway, basically in order not to FailRP you must:
a) Follow all the server rules
b) Play by the roleplays:
And of course, SeriousRP
c) Don't act mingy nor inappropriate to the roleplay at hand.

Do not roleplay like follow:
John and James, Citizens, Plaza:
John: Hai James
James: herro John
John: /me kicks James in the leg really hard (power)
James: so did you see what the dvl did? (injury)
John: what?
James: he shot me earlier and killed me (meta)
John: lol (serious)
James: anyway cya
CCA: Aganist the wall!
CCA: /me aims gun at James
James: /me walks away (fear)

Ok, in that example all 5 roleplays were not used
I've labelled where they happen and you can see
for yourself what is missing.

Finally, I've pretty much showed you how to spot
FailRP in the example above so just for tests:

CCA Unit 03 and CCA Unit 02 in Nexus:
03: Hey 02.
02: Hello.
03: Arrest any citizens?
02: No, I'm going on patrol now.
03: I'll come to.

*On patrol*
03: Citizen Stop!
*citizen continues running*
03: /me pulls out his 9mm, aims and shoots his leg.
*citizen keeps on running*

*Later on*
02: Aganist the wall! Now!
*citizen obeys*
02: Prepare to meet judgement
02: /me flicks stunstick on
02: /me hits him unconcious
*citizen just stands there*

*Back at nexus*
03: Wtf, that was gay
02: Ikr, they failrp
03: meh, im going on my rebel class now.
02: but the admin said in ooc that all CCA are getting promoted.

What's wrong with this roleplay? (Both citizens and CCA)



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