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Metagaming Empty Metagaming

Post  Halfrandom on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:56 pm

This guide will tell you:
What is Metagaming
How to avoid metagaming
How to detect metagaming

Right, metagaming means using out-of-character information in-character so like:
OOC Travis Pierce: I'm in the plaza
*Travis is wanted by the CCA*
OOC Travis Pierce: Lololololol
CCA: Against the wall!

In this terrible example of mine, Travis in OOC(Out of character) tells them where he his
The CCA use the OOC information to find Travis and arrest him.

Sometimes depending on the OOC information can be hard to forget, e.g. [OOC] CCA Unit 01: Unit 02, where are you?
[OOC] CCA Unit 02: lol, i'm inside the nexus

Say if you was the CCA Unit, you now like couldnt look in the nexus, the most common example of Metagaming is this:

[OOC] Citizen 07: I've been in jail for 10 minutes now Can i go?
[OOC] CCA EpU Unit: I cant now, it'll be meta.

Funny for the CCA, Annoying for the citizen. Or this one where if your a CCA and you take the Frequency for the radio
Then go to your rebel character and use it there.

Now I may have just gave you an idea but I hope not. Lastly we move on to how to detect when meta has been/is being used.

Take this example:
John: They'll never find us here, they wouldn't think of it.
Sam: Yeah, your right, 1 in a million.
/it Footsteps are heard outside.
Sam: /w Do you think they are just civies?
John: /w Probably.
/it CCA Chatter is heard outside.
Sam: /me looks for a sign of hope from John's face with no luck.
John: /w Maybe they are just walking by.
*CCA shoot open the door and barge in, detaining them both.

If you trying to work out where the meta has been used well I'll show you.
John and Sam were hiding in a room that is never used nor touched.
The CCA knew and came to the door, broke in and arrested them, expecting it.
The CCA metagame'd to find them.

If metagaming is used, tell a admin a.s.a.p to get the problem resolved and stop FailRP

Note: a.s.a.p means As soon as possible



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