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What is PassiveRP and the commands for OOC?

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What is PassiveRP and the commands for OOC? Empty What is PassiveRP and the commands for OOC?

Post  Travis on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:47 pm

In this guide I will teach you how to Roleplay correctly when there is no event happening.
In the following you will see:
*How to RP
*How to talk in OOC & LOOC
*How to make the Roleplay enjoyable for you and others.

Lets start out on how to use the OOC & LOOC command correctly.
When you're near someone, and you don't want everyone to hear your Out of Character conversation you could type,
[[ or .// then you'd type your message.
If you want to type in Global Chat you would simply type // <Message>

Next we'll talk about how to Passive RP when there are no events happening.
So lets meet our characters (CCA.UNION.03.03821,Jack Harowed, and Al Boier)
Scenerio: City 45 Plaza, 12:01 PM UNION gets a call from the CWU (Civil Workers Union) about
uncivilized citizens.

Jack Harowed:Dang man, I remember back when there weren't any CCA. Good times.
Al Boier:Laughs a bit,"Yeah, that was the good days."
Jack Harowed:You know what? We need to mess this place up.
Al Boier:Yeah! Lets do it!
/it Distress call comes in from CWU to the CCA.
CCA.UNION.03.03821:Copy, 03821 Moving in on targets.
CCA.UNION.03.03821: Citizens! Face the wall!
/it Jack Harowed and Al Boier almost break their necks turning around to see the .03
Jack Harowed:Run!
*Jack Harowed tries to run, but is shot in his back calf.
CCA.UNION.03.03821:*Turns to Al Boier" Citizen, face the wall.
*Al Boier listens to the UNION officer.
CCA.UNION.03.03821 Attempts to tie the man
[LOOC]CCA.UNION.03.03821: Resist?
[LOOC]Al Boier:Nope.
*CCA.UNION.03.03821 Successfully ties the man.
*CCA.UNION.03.03821 Walks over to the other citizen
*CCA.UNION.03.03821 Picks up the citizen and drags him to the Nexus along with his friend

Now that we've seen how to Roleplay Correctly, lets put the pedal to the metal and talk about how to make it enjoyable for yourself and others.

Tips: *ALWAYS FearRP when handling with a CCA member, they after all, took over the world and 7 hours.

*NEVER FailRP, ex.(James Ward attempts to hit Jacki Spring, *Jacki Spring walks off)

*ALWAYS PainRP, when you get shot, unless you have CCA issued Armor, or Resistance Armor (Usually CCA issued)
then you'll feel the shot. If your arms are broken, you're not going to be able to buy a soda and drink it, its not logical.

*NEVER Metagame, this is were you take OOC information, and use it for IC info.
Ex.(If you're a CCA and you take the Frequency code and use it on say, you have a resistance character with a radio.)

*NEVER Powergame, this is were you for your actions on others.
ex.(**Jack Robbinson Punchs the man out cold.) Then you start punching him until hes out cold.

If you follow these instructions, you'll be good to go.

- Travis

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