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What is FearRP?

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What is FearRP? Empty What is FearRP?

Post  Halfrandom on Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:21 am

This guide will tell you:
What is FearRP
How to roleplay FearRP
How not to roleplay FearRP

For starters, FearRP is simply showing emotion e.g. fear in a moment of danger or in a scary time/place.

For example:
Hiding from the CCA
Going into lock-down
Locked in a cell
Preparing to be amputated
Being punished by a CCA

These are all good examples in where you can show FearRP

Now to actually roleplay the fear you need to put yourself into their shoes I guess you could say.

Using /mes and /its in FearRP helps express the roleplay in-action.

For example:
/it David is locked in a cell
/me whimpers about the thoughts of his punishment
/me hears the CCA Units Laughing
/me is scared

Probably not the best example in the world but it gives an idea of what you can create.
Being able to use FearRP will just make your roleplay more enjoyable and realistic. The
more realistic a roleplay can be, the more fun can be brought in.

Of course, FearRP can be done in as big or small amount of players as you can think off (So yes, 9999999999999999999 people can show FearRP)
Here are a good and bad example of FearRP within a group:

Good Example: Citizens - Amy, John and Fred
Fred: Hey John, Amy.
Amy: Hello Fred.
John: Yo Fred, was-sup bro?
/it A lock down is initiated, loud sirens go off.
Amy: /me starts panicking
John: What the hell?
Fred: We should get inside, now! *panic tone*
/it All 3 citizens rush inside the 45Th Apartments.

Bad Example: Same People Same Scenario
Fred: hi guys
Amy: hello
John: hi fred
/it A lock down is initiated, loud sirens go off.
amy: whats with the alarm
john: idk
fred: a celebration maybe
/it The 3 citizens have no idea what the hell is FearRp

I think that's about it, All is it is showing emotion in times of threat or danger to increase the amount of roleplay you can have.



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What is FearRP? Empty Re: What is FearRP?

Post  Travis on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:07 pm

I love this guide, I will post it as a sticky.

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