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-=SoF=-Pineapple post for CCA Empty -=SoF=-Pineapple post for CCA

Post  -=SoF=-Pineapple on Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:24 pm



My reason for applying is to help enforce role play and help role play.

You should accept me because I am an experienced Half-Life 2 Role player.

One example of role play as a CCA is if there is a firefight against the rebels and the Combine, I would be role playing 'shoot to miss' using /roll to see if I hit. Even if I was in the fight I would try and kill the rebels. I would not randomly open fire on a rebel unless role play is involved.
Another example of a CCA handling a situation is if the Combine are searching the citizens and a citizen disobeys a direct order. I would detain them and in 'out of character' I would ask if they will resist. If not I would detain them and take them to a cell in the Nexus.

My character is a man who was a volunteer to join the Combine as a CCA when he was transferred to this new city. He had no family and no reason to be against the Combine. He was always alone so loneliness is not a problem for him.
His only friend was killed before the Combine invaded. He was brainwashed when he became a CCA so he had no memory of the 7-Hour War.
He is Caucasian and in his mid-20's. He is bald. He will do anything to help the Combine.
He is an orphan and his mother died at birth. His father abandoned him when he was 5 years old, leaving him on the street to survive on his own. As he had to learn how to survive and had no money, he had gotten no education. Before his father left him, he had given the boy a gun.
The lonely child had to learn how to shoot and scavenge. Throughout his life, he would solve problems with his gun, not his smarts. He is an expert marksman. He also knows many survival techniques.
Now, he wants to do something important with his life. He wants to join the Combine and fight to protect civil life. He wants to actually be the part of something far more important than his own life is.,

Metagaming:Using knowledge previously gained within the universe of gaming

Powergaming:A person who plays RPGs and seeks to make the most powerful character possible.

FearRP: The fear of doing something as if you were the character. Example: Jumping of ledges in the game.

Pain RP: When you get hurt in character and you act like that pain in the game actually happened to you.

Random Deathmatching (RDM): When you start shooting or hitting someone just out of the blue.

Pvt.James Pit Unit 0002451





Signature: CCA.GHOST.DvL.324594



"Powergaming: A person who plays RPGs and seeks to make the most powerful character possible" Totally wrong

On your application you aren't part of the MPF yet so paragraphs like this are wrong
"Signature: CCA.GHOST.DvL.324594"

Make your story more clear next time, And please paste the questions of the application format.


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