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Zoot's App for CCA

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Zoot's App for CCA Empty Zoot's App for CCA

Post  Zoot on Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:55 pm

OOC Information

OOC Information
Steam name: Zoot
Steam ID: Will tell.
Reason for applying: I wish to help the server with my support, and to make sure the streets are clean of rebels.
Why should we accept you: I bring the law with me, the law follows me, and nothing gets past my watch.
Please list atleast a 2 paragraph roleplay example for CCA handling a Sitiuation:
CCA1 Played by Zoot.
CCA2 Played by Fag.
Rebel Played by Fag.
Citizen Played by Snitch.

CCA1: So, whats even the point of-
CCA2: Look!
Citizen Runs by
Citizen: Help Help! Rebel! CCA! He....
Citizen: The. Man. Ran that way!
CC2: What. Citizen!
Citizen: He ran through that ally over there!
CCA1: Citizen get out of here.
Citizen runs away clearly out of breath.
CCA2: Lets go.
CCA2 flicks Batton on
CCA1 Flick Batton on.
They run up the ally to where the man said to fall into a trap with a rebel and an smg in front of them.
Rebel: Ha! Foolish CCA rebels will prevail, where there is man there is power-
While he was talking CCA1 walked up to him and bashed him on the skull (While rping right next to him)
Rebel: Gah.
Rebel falls to the ground.
CCA2: Well then.
CCA1: The rebels these days, now lets go and fill this out.
They walk away with the rebel in hand, to the nexus to lock him up, and eventually kill him.
Character Background Story (Must be ATLEAST 5 paragraphs long):
My character started out as a regular old joe. He went for his rations, talked to friends, bought some extra food from the market, and every once in awhile dreaming what real water tastes like.
One night, he was out walking on the streets after a bad day, his friend had left to another city, it was a really good friend that he loved, so he was really down. On his way out, he noticed some people ruffling through a bag, and running towards the slums. Not ever really going into the slums he was very cautious, but also curious. He slowly crept after them, not knowing what to expect. He kept following there voices to a "red room" after they shut the door on his face, he slowly crept around to get a view inside. Inside was around five rebels. Before screaming a thought popped into his head. Me? Hey! I'm just a regular guy, what if I could be something better though, a GOOD guy! After that thought he ran as fast as he could down the corridors of the slums, and out as fast as he could. At the first sight of a CCA, he ran up to the CCA. Out of breath the CCA threatened to bash him on the head. He finally caught his breath and told what he said. Not knowing what he really just did, he thought he would become some special guy, a hero, or maybe even a cca. The rebels were still planning but got caught, CCA Busting down the doors and everyone got busted. From then on though, mad, but yet still so wanting of becoming a CCA, he tried as hard as any man possibly could, to become a CCA, he was never caught with any "points" or ever doing anything wrong, he never went into the slums, but always advised the CCA when someone did. He was always on the lookout for rebels. His main dream though, was not only of becoming a CCA but maybe, if he did, he might be to transfer to his loves city, and to one day, just say hello, or even I missed you to her, even if only for a second. And from then on, thats what he did, he stayed as an average Joe, but not so average, as he strived to be a CCA. Later, months later, he had almost given up hope. He had thought, and wrongly thought, after that incident it would be easier for him to become a CCA, but he was wrong of course, and like i said was beginning to give up hope. One night though, in his sleep, someone had knocked on his door. Expecting the CCA finally rewarding him he jumped at the door. Then he thought: This late? Why so late? and why would they knock? He opened the door anyways, dumbly. At first he was puzzled, then he widened his eyes as he saw two big men, withs pistols raised at his head. He was about to scream when another man walked between the two, and punches him in the face.
When he wakes up, hes not only confused but sweating, and extremely scared. What he saw he would never tell a soul, and even began to regret wishing to be a CCA so much. It showed the truth, of what really happened, he was then beaten the shit out of, and told to never, speak a word of any of what had just happened. He of course never did, and guessed, correctly for the most part of what had happened. He had finally payed the price for calling out the rebel attack. While he believed none of the video, like any brainwashed fool would, he still had second thoughts on his strive for CCA, he still seriously wanted to become one, but not as much as he had ever before. Later in his life, still not reaching any of his goals, he trys another tactic, why should I only talk to people? Why shouldn't this average Joe stand out even more, and talk to the CCA? Well. As you already know, that didn't work, and actually got him beaten, and a five minute detainment, for never listening. He was angry now, he busted out rebels, had done anything he could ever do, and then for trying to be nice to the CCA he was being detained. He wanted to get back at them. No, he would get himself killed, he wanted to take his vengeance out on the people, just get back at them, they were the reason he even got caught up in all that, had there never been though rebels, he would never had been more then an average Joe. He went and he applied again this time, and as the CCA know, they broke him. They accepted him (If this is accepted!)

What is your most memberable roleplay experience: My most memberable rp was, a huge lockdown on Tg's server there were around 5 Rebels, citizens were rushed out, OTA came in, it was madness.
Have you been part of the CCA/MPF in any other server (Yes/No) (List them): Yes. TG/DG, St Hax's Server. Bens RP. And hopefully here!

in your own words, define the following (use at least one example on every expression);

Metagaming: Using out of game text to cheat or use it for your own will.
Someone telling you where the CCA are in steam chat and telling you to run.

Powergaming: Using impossible strength or any unwittingly impossible way to win something like:
CCA1: Shoots the man in the head with 100% accuracy
And not even rping the shot.

FearRP:Becoming afraid while in trouble.
CCA1 busts down the door screaming "Get on the ground!"
Citizen1 Trembles in fear knowing he has a sheated gun, and throws it to the cca1 in fear.

PainRP: When hit acknowledging the fact you got hit.
CCA1 Bashs citizen on head
Citizen screams in shear pain dropping to the floor.
Random Deathmatching (RDM): Shooting for fun or random.
Shoot him for fun.

In-Character Information
Full Name: Jack O'Rorck
City ID:55109
Why we should accept you on the CCA team: I have been helping and letting the cp know of any contraband in the area. Always looking but being a regular citizen for any rebelious activities.
Any past inflictions with a CCA unit:(Yes/No) Yes.
Do you have any points added on your Record if so how many:(Yes/No)(Amount)No
Are you willing to give your life for the Univiseral Union: If given the chance I would do it in a heartbeat.

You, Male or Female sign this contact stateing that by Combine Law you will not harm or abuse any CCA/Fellow OTA units as you live, you take a oath to sware that you shall never harm any other overwatch unit ever, or you will be punished.

Sign Here!Jack O'Rorck

Accepted,Impressive work

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